Movement performance

Right now my fine art is Movement, which I’m loving! I love movement because of Mrs. Norkus who lets us use our curiosity in our project and lets us be really creative! Right now in Movement we are working on our final projects, this might be my favorite thing we have done all trimester! Why it’s my favorite thing we have done all trimester is because as long as we are following the guidelines we can do any dance we want!                                                     

I also like the walkabouts and stretches that we do so we can exercise! I like these because it is an opportunity for us to walk outside, get fresh air and most fun play on the playground! The stretches we make up with partners which is really fun and we can be as creative as we want! In Movement, we also play lots of fun games,  like swipe the Tic Tac box, Night in the Museum and my favorite Asparagoose! All in all, Movement is really creative, fun and at the same time super relaxing! 


My Ideal World

By: Jake

My ideal world is probably different from yours in many ways. My ideal world is not anything you know, my ideal world is self-sufficient from any other planet, galaxy, or solar system. My ideal world has a name, meet Abstract Astronomy. Abstract Astronomy has 500 days in a year, 25 hours a day. School starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. Any child must attend school until after college. AA’s school system is fabulous. All schools are free for any child. At age 19 everyone must have a stable job and be self-sufficient unless they physically or mentally can’t. At age 60 any citizen can stop working and retire. All children until age 18 must be enrolled in a physical sport as well as an organization working towards a cause, both are run through the school system. 

In AA all animals are unable to go extinct because no hunting is allowed without a permit. Transportation is all electric and there are no accidents because everything is on tracks. There are flying cars but they are only used for emergency purposes. The military can go wherever but anyone else can only go 150 feet above the ground. All buildings can only be 300 feet at the most.  In the case of a war the military will put a draft into effect for 25 percent of all able citizens.      

A big part of AA is the fact that everything is free, to some extent. In AA all non essentials are needed to be paid for. All essentials are free though. For example, the government will assign you to a house but if you want a nicer house then you must pay extra. Everyone gets paid very little because essentials are free. The governments will give registered businesses a set amount of money to pay the employees. 

In AA the justice system is very essential in life. The system is built on checks and balances. There are three branches of government: law makers, (Legislative) the people who carry out laws, (Executive) the people who evaluate laws and take away laws, (Judicial). Any buffoons or criminals are innocent until proven guilty. When a disruption to society is proven guilty they are fined, put in a correctional facility, or put to death.  If it is a minor fine then they are just fined for example speeding in a car or not paying for something that is a want. For major crimes, for example murdering or severely hurting a human, you are put to death when proven guilty. The person that committed the crime only goes to court if the police are going to put him in a correctional facility or put them to death. 

In Abstract Astronomy the physical appearance is a little funky. Sixty percent of all surfaces is land, therefore forty percent is water. Even though 40 percent of the surface is water that is not enough so AA also has water 600 feet under the surface that can be pumped up straight into living accommodations. In AA the power lines are underground so that you don’t have to see some funky lines in the air. So in conclusion, after all has been said and done Abstract Astronomy is very creative and unorthodox to you but to me it’s fair and well balanced.  


My Field Trip To The Museum Of Raleigh Natural Sciences

Thank you to Patti Donnelly for this picture. Here is the link to the museum


On January 27th the sixth grade class at Durham Academy went to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, North Carolina. The trip was a big eye opener to many ideas; one was the Race Exhibit. The Race Exhibit was a really interesting way for the museum to show what race is and how it affects my daily life. The physical exhibit was nothing too interesting because it was just posters but the awareness of how race affects everyone was mind blowing.

Another exhibit was with dinosaurs which was one of my favorites. They had dinosaurs that literally looked like the real things, they even had real life bones!  After looking through all of the exhibits we went outside of the building and ate lunch in our groups. Lunch was delicious but I was way too excited for what was coming next! 

So, after lunch, we went walking around the capitol building. The exterior of the building had a bunch of different statues which was really cool. The entrance even had a memorial to World War ll which is my favorite history topic. Unfortunately, after looking at all the statues it was time to go home, so we piled up onto the buses and drove back to Durham Academy. 

My Covid Story

The Day I Got My Dog

March 15, 2020

Sitting in a room in rural North Carolina, the world is shutting down. Me wanting to get a dog, my dad saying no, the world is shutting down. Dogs peeing, the world is shutting down. ACC tournament canceled, restaurants closing down, my family cloroxing down our vegetables, global shortage of masks. My only question was, why? Months later, my family went on a hike talking about the crazy things we were doing right now. For me, this lock down time was pretty awesome, I had my designated bubble of friends and family. Hanging out in the neighborhood hood for the whole day. Going on family walks to Franklin Street. Hanging out with our family friends every Saturday. 

Back To In Person School

6 feet!

Trinity School, sitting 8 feet apart, all windows open, using two rooms so that we can fit everyone. Special air ducts, why? Not ever seeing anyone’s face because of masks we had to wear, why? Me having a hint of hope that the virus is almost over, why? Me in the car coming home from the last day of school crying because it was the last time I was to be on that campus, my mom telling me school will be back to “normal” next year at my new school. And the hint of hope was just getting bigger! 

Almost Done, Not 

First day of school, Durham Academy! I was so excited to be at a new school that had more than one building! Hope getting bigger. Couple months later, why? Mom is getting stage 3 lung cancer. New type of Covid, really, you have to be here. Hope fades away, why? Rules get stricter. Like getting up and being pushed right back down. Of course, a couple months later masks go off for good, so we thought. Masks went back on then right back off. Bane  of my existence, not knowing what’s going on.  Why is all of this blowing back up again, I think we have had our fair share of you.


Keep on going, keep on going

What do I want for now? Well, to be honest, I really don’t know. Of course, I do not want to have to wear a mask just because of my mom. Of course, I don’t want to. Having to think if it’s stupid to go somewhere that I might get sick. But, to be honest I’ve accepted the fact that this might be the new normal. That it might just be safer to wear a mask in a place with lots of people. Of course it sucks, not saying anything against that but if something keeps me safe I’m doing it. 

The Way You Make Me Feel

                                                          Image From Sora

One book recently that I enjoy reading was The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo. I have really enjoyed reading this book because Mrs. Goo did an amazing job with having no boring points but still being able to explain the story very well.

For me The Way You Make Me Feel is more of a window because I am not in her situation; her situation is having divorced parents. Also, she is in high school whereas I’m in middle school. Finally, the last reason that this is more of a mirror is because she is working in a food truck but I’m not.

The Way You Make Me Feel is about a grumpy girl with no friends except for two boys who are bad influences. She made a poor choice  and ended up working for a food truck all summer with her arch nemesis. Eventually, Clare the grumpy girl and Rose the nemesis become friends and meet a boy who also works for someone. Clare starts to really like him and then they become a couple! All in all, I would definitely recommend this book because it is an amazing story that is interesting the entire time.


Wisdom Tales Comic

My class read Wisdom Tales and then did a project. I chose to do a comic. It was super fun! In the book there’s a bunch of different tales. I chose The Wise Master. The Wise Master is about a master who tells his students to steal. One holds back who says no, “I can’t go steal.” I used Comic Life 3 and drew the images in Paper 53. I highly recommend reading the book and doing a project! 

UNC Challenge Course


The sixth grade at Durham Academy went to the UNC Challenge Course in September. The field trip was my first field trip since third grade. The experience was a great way to learn to team bond and push ourselves! I recommend going to the UNC Challenge Course because there were fun activities. One activity that I really enjoyed was the zip line. The zip line was 70 feet tall and very long. Before we could go off, we had to strap up and climb a tall tower. At the top, the attendant pushed us off the ledge. During the zip line there was beautiful scenery consisting of tall trees and fresh air.  Right before I went off I felt super excited and at the bottom I was sad the zip line was over! We did several other activities throughout the day and I was super excited to get off campus and hang out with my friends!  

Finding Someplace Backpack


Over the summer, I read Finding Someplace by Denise Lewis Patrick. In the book there is a girl named Reesie Boone, and she is living in New Orleans during August 2005. In the story, Reesie needs to pack up because Hurricane Katrina was about to hit her home, and she was alone. Some things she brought are important papers, her notebook, markers, lip gloss, toothbrush, house keys, phone, picture and Junior’s hat. She locked up the house and went to Miss Martine’s house.

If I had to pack up because of a hurricane, I would bring a flashlight, food, water, Lifestraw, and a crank radio. I would also pack a rain jacket, money, important papers, phone and charger. Lastly, I would pack an umbrella and a water bottle. Those are the things I

Camp Hanes


On Thursday morning, the sixth grade at Durham Academy stepped on buses to head to Camp Hanes in King, North Carolina. The bus ride there was a little freaky knowing that there was a hurricane brewing off the coast of Florida. But once we got to Hanes the sixth graders knew they were going to have an awesome time! We started off with getting cabin assignments and heading to the cabins. Lunch consisted of chicken and a salad bar!

After lunch, we went into our activity groups and did some activities! My first activity was the hike up the mountain, it was so amazing. We had to climb up ropes and walk all around the mountain just to get to the breathtaking view. The view at the top was clear, you could see buildings in Winston Salem! 

Camp Hanes was amazing, I definitely recommend going! Why you should go is because it had so many activities and choices, staff was awesome, luxurious cabins and the food was great. We had so much fun and looking back we were so lucky that we got to even leave campus. It was such an action packed, grade bonding, adventurous twenty-four hours!